SBC Operates multiple advanced security products using a layered approach. Palo alto advanced next generation firewall protect the perimeter network in a clustered formation. DUO 2 Factor authentication protects unauthorized access to systems. Eset antivus is used on all systems to scan for threats and lastly threatlocker our application whitelisting protects the systems from unauthorized applications from running. This layered approach creates strength and depth to

SBC operates out of two geographically separate, secure, ex-MOD facilities used for defence purposes during the cold war. These facilities are located outside of the high risk zone of London and its surrounding metropolitan area.

  • Purpose built nuclear bomb proof bunkers
  • 5m high perimeter fence
  • 3m thick reinforced walls
  • Solid steel doors
  • CCTV with 24 hour onsite security Presence
  • No unescorted access